What does it analyze?

Task performance

Do things in a timely manner. Competences associated with the Responsibility factor of the OCEAN model, predictor of professional and academic performance. Responsibility includes various skills that determine the propensity to be self-controlled, responsible to others, hard-working, persistent, orderly, virtuous and to comply with the rules.

SEL skills linked with:

Achievement orientation




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TASK PERFORMANCEConscientiousnessTendency to control impulses and act in socially acceptable ways; planning, organizing and executing tasks. Behaviors that facilitate goal-directed behavior (Srivastava) Self-control ability and ability to design effective methods of action (Goldberg)


Setting high standards for oneself
and working hard to meet them.

Achievement strivingHigh aspiration levels and a tendency to work hard to achieve one’s own goals
Self-efficacyFeeling capable, effective and decisive in dealing with aspects of life


Able to honour commitments,
and be punctual and reliable.

OrderlinessNeed for cleanliness, structure and organization
DutifulnessAdhere to one’s own ethical principles and fulfill obligations, even if they are uncomfortable


Able to avoid distractions and focus
attention on the current task in
order to achieve personal goals.

CautiousnessTendency to think carefully before deciding and acting
Self-disciplineAbility to start tasks and carry them out, overcoming boredom and distractions