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Open-mindedness (Openness to Experience)

Skills associated with the factor of Openness to experiences of the OCEAN model, predictor of professional and academic performance. Openness to experience is considered one of the key factors in intrinsic motivation to learn and develop our potential. As such, it is especially relevant in learning.

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OPEN-MINDEDNESS Openness to experiences and changes Openness to experience has been described as the depth and complexity of a person’s life and mental experiences (Srivastava). It refers to people’s willingness to try new things, their ability to “think outside the box” and to value diversity. Ability to creatively envision a future (Goldberg) instead of following the paths already set.
CURIOSITY Interest in ideas and love of learning, understanding and intellectual exploration; an inquisitive mindset. Intellect / Intellectual curiosity Opening and exploring new ideas, concepts and arguments
Adventurousness / Willingness to experiment (*)  Willingness to experience novel situations
TOLERANCE Is open to different points of view, values diversity, is appreciative of foreign people and cultures Emotionality / Emotionally aware / Depth of emotions Receptiveness, importance and expression of own feelings and emotions
Independence of judgment / Liberalism / Authority challenging / Tolerance for diversity Questioning established values to achieve change
CREATIVITY Generating novel ways to do or think about things through exploring, learning from failure, insight and vision Artistic interests Appreciation of art and beauty
Imagination Ability to mentally represent ideas, projects or novel creations
(*) Audacity, insofar as it implies experimentation, is a facet that is also associated with creativity [/restrict]