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Engagement with others

Skills associated with the Extraversion factor of the OCEAN model, a predictor of professional and academic performance. Extraversion represents the tendency to engage in and enjoy friendly social interactions, attract attention, influence relationships, and maintain vigor throughout the day. Research has shown that, of the Big Five dimensions, extraversion is the best predictor of leadership, understood as the process by which an individual, group or organization defines the group’s goals and intentionally
influences the behavior of others to achieve these goals.

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ENGAGEMENT WITH OTHERS Extraversion How much a person likes being around others. It is about where a person gets their energy and how they interact socially. In general, extroverts draw energy or recharge by interacting with others, while introverts are more socially reserved and replenish their energy with loneliness.
SOCIABILITY Able to approach others, both friends and strangers, initiating and maintaining social connections. Outgoing Ability to bond easily
Sociability / Gregariousness Preference for being in the company of other people
ASSERTIVENESS Able to confidently voice opinions, needs, and feelings, and exert social influence. Assertiveness Expressing thoughts and controlling situations without feeling intimidated in a group
Cheerfulness Tendency to frequently experience joy and happiness
ENERGY Approaching daily life with energy, excitement and spontaneity. Excitement-seeking Search for sources of stimulation and risk-taking
Activity level Need to occupy yourself. Preference for dynamism and activity