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Skills associated with the Kindness factor of the OCEAN model, a predictor of professional and academic performance. Likeable people value their interpersonal relationships more, are more cooperative and helpful, and (consequently) are more appreciated by
others. It is a necessary skill in activities that imply a high vocation for service.

SEL skills linked with: 





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COLLABORATION Agreeableness Agreeableness is the trait that shows the degree of tolerance, solidarity and respect of a person. While extraversion refers to sources of energy and the search for contact with others, Agreeableness refers to interpersonal behavior aimed at a certain care for the other, which includes the capacity for decentralization and empathy
EMPATHY Kindness and caring for others and their well-being that leads to valuing and investing in close relationships. Sensitivity to others / Empathy Awareness, concern and respect for people’s feelings
Modesty Preference for going unnoticed
TRUST Assuming that others generally have good intentions and forgiving those who have done wrong. Trust Tendency to attribute good intentions to others
Uncompromising Sincerity and righteousness
COOPERATION Living in harmony with others and valuing interconnectedness among all people. Cooperation Conciliatory and collaborative attitude to conflicts
Altruism Generosity, active concern and consideration for the welfare of other people