What does it analyze?


The most widely accepted personality model worldwide is the so-called Big Five, OCEAN for its acronym in English (Openess, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism). This model is applied to people in countries and cultures around the world and provides a valid assessment scale to measure personality. It has been demostrated that clinical and educational interventions allow for changes in personality factors.






Numerous instruments are used to assess personality, the vast majority are self-report questionnaires. Although it has been studied mostly in adults, large-scale studies such as the OECD study on social and emotional skills (SEL) use the OCEAN model as an evaluation framework, since the measurement of its factors allows predicting job satisfaction, academic performance and achievement. general satisfaction with life.

The Tutoriza.me service provides an objective analysis, not based on self-perception and comparative of the 5 dimensions and the 30 facets they include.

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