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On this page you can register on the platform. You will have to register with your personal data and those of your organization. If you have a prescription code, you must include it when entering your data

Once you have completed it, you will be able to select your profile as Organization Manager or Project Manager.

Once you have registered, you will be able to purchase the number of analyses of each type that you will perform in the course of a month. Each time you carry out an analysis, it will be deducted from the number of uses acquired. Remember that the validity of the uses you acquire is one month. It is better to acquire them as you need them.

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Projects generation

To facilitate the organization of your analysis, you can generate various projects to which you can assign groups of people to be evaluated (always anonymized with codes that allow you to identify them, but not the platform)

Assigning people to be evaluated (anonymized with your internal codes so you can identify them) to projects that can be selection processes, groups to be oriented, courses to be evaluated…

Assigning people to projects

Introduction of texts
from people to be analyzed

The persons to be evaluated must provide texts of 1000 words in natural language, without personal identification data and that can be the sum of several texts elaborated in a period of time of less than one quarter.

They can be letters of motivation, articles (non-technical and non-scientific), essays, interview transcriptions, etc. The longer the text, the more reliable the analysis.

Obtaining data from the analysis with a single click. The data will be ordered by blocks (OCEAN, Needs, Values, Socioemotional competencies and predictions). They will show the individual score and the one compared to the world sample (percentiles).

You must take into account that the quantitative information offered by the service is valuable according to the range (<25, 25-75, >75) in which the parameters are found and not in the specific figure it expresses.

Obtaining data

Interpretation and
decision making

Professionals accustomed to personality psychometrics are used to interpreting the factors and facets of the OCEAN model.

If this is not your case, we offer you non-exhaustive information to understand the meaning of the scores, which you will have to interpret with the help of professionals.

Remember that by signing up for the service you have agreed to respect the digital code of ethical behavior